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(Standard 2 Into) F3 Max Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Speaker

TWD $11,988

TWD $6,699

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Product details

▊ In 2022, the fourth-generation F3 Max Xiaobaimai will be  launched with a sensation! #

Exclusive black technology, dual Bluetooth 5.0 stereo two-way interconnection , double chorus super surround sound shock

Celebrities are recommended

Recommended by netizens

▊Multiple uses/functions, one microphone lets you get started! #

F3 Max Xiaobaimai can not only sing, but can also be used for live broadcasts, meetings, and listening to music
anytime, anywhere ], so you can use it wherever you go!

▊Golden Point F3 Max has industry-exclusive features #

For all the friends who love to sing, an extraordinary auditory feast~
Pick up the F3 Max Xiaobaimai and make you a singer ! !

▊Choose a microphone and see here. A picture shows the advantages of a good microphone!

▊New Black Technology [Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Two-way Interconnection] #

Dual-microphone stereo synchronous playback of music and singing
Bluetooth transmission distance up to 20 meters
, one-button control of dual-microphone lifting, KEY and elimination of original singing

▊Remove the original vocal function #

Switch the accompaniment mode with one key, support all audio and video platforms ( Youtube/KKBOX/Apple MUSIC/Spotify... ), the songs all over the world become the accompaniment tapes in one second, ( two-channel left and right accompaniment songs can completely eliminate vocals , monophonic songs Can suppress vocals as a guide )

▊Exclusive 13-segment lift KEY #

It's hard to change the treble/mid/bass at any time for male / female tune . You can easily conquer every song .

▊Intelligently identify the output power of the audio source #

Are you still worried about connecting the microphone to the speaker and then connecting the amplifier ?
F3 Max Xiaobaimai can help you solve this trouble!
Connect speakers and headphones to a source line to help you easily get it~

▊Intelligent noise reduction music without distortion

▊Large-capacity power battery super long-lasting battery life #

The same level of electric vehicles , large-capacity power battery, low internal resistance and super long-lasting battery life ~ You can also sing while charging !

▊ Push-button operation is precise and fast

▊Big screen function display #

Large LCD screen , clearly view all functions, you can check the power without turning it on !

▊5 kinds of reverb/echo effect loop switching #

3-band space reverberation + 2-band echo effect, make your sound more three-dimensional !

▊Built-in [applause + laughter] dual sound effects #

Built -in dual sound effects , let you sing not monotonous ~

▊ Moving coil pickup

▊Dual Bluetooth 5.0 and multi-core processors #

Multi-core high-performance processor , low latency, high fidelity, clearer music and vocals !

▊Product Specifications

▊【F3 VS F3 Max】

▊【Designed in Taiwan. Eight patents] #

Since 2016, Golden Point Technology has developed and produced three Bluetooth microphones, including F1, F1+, and F3. The functions and quality of the Bluetooth microphones have always been leading the market . The products have won 8 microphone -related patents in the past 5 years !

▊【Won Taiwan double certification, quality assured and guaranteed】

(Standard 2 Into) F3 Max Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Speaker

TWD $11,988

TWD $6,699


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